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Certified BuyerRamachandrapuram. Certified BuyerBhubaneswar. Certified BuyerThiruvellore. Certified BuyerKhordha District. Certified BuyerVisakhapatnam. Explore Plus. Fiction Books. Romance Books. Enter pincode. Usually delivered in 3 days? Vageria Arpit. TrueComRetail 4. A Lockdown Love Story: After that terrible night fifteen years ago, Ishaan had vowed to never return to his hometown.

But when has destiny been so kind to our plans! When Ishaan thought life was at its best, the world was hit by a deadly pandemic. India went under complete lockdown, and he unwillingly ended up at a house he once called home. He isn't prepared to stay in Bhopal for an entire month. That too with the father he doesn't relate to anymore, an elder brother who broke his trust, and a mother who didn't stand up for him all those years ago.

He is still figuring out what to do, when he falls in love with The Girl Next Door. Ruhi is a well-known choreographer and the chief minister's daughter, back home during the lockdown. As much as people were staying away from each other, Ishaan's and Ruhi's hearts were coming closer to beat as one - in the 90s way. Their love was breathing the s in Will this lockdown teach Ishaan to love once again? Will he learn the true meaning of forgiveness? Will his love story be eclipsed by the life-threatening pandemic?

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This extraordinary story of love will melt your heart and make you believe in the power of true love. About the Author: Arpit Vageria is a bestselling author and is well known for his heart-warming love stories. He also writes scripts for Indian television and has written more than a thousand episodes till now. Frequently Bought Together. The Girl Next Door.

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Why Not Me? A Feeling of Millions English. Potential Boyfriend. Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. I loved this book to the core!!! By reading the summary I thought it would have a nice typical ending like a happy ending love story has But this story is different. The climax is just mind-blowing!!!

Hadn't expected such twist to this love story!! I became a fan of Arpit vagheria after reading this book. I have no words to explain how much I loved this book!!! A must read novel. Kudos to you, Arpit vagheria sir for writing such an awesome book!!! Anooha Certified BuyerRamachandrapuram. One of the best best best love story I have ever read. It teaches you a lot that in life how your loved ones are important. I really loved that how 90s were so amazing. Even firstly I hated the person Nakul but later when I came to know the real reason I thought whatever he did was right.

Nowadays though technology is getting faster but their is no love in this world. This story shows the real meaning of love and family which you can enjoy by reading this book. I recommend to all of you thos Avantika Mukherji Certified BuyerBhubaneswar. Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer. A must read book If you believe in love and love at first sight you must read this book. And the last few s made me shed tears.

Arpit you are awesome man and flipkart I must thank you for nice packing and wonderful bookmark. Kamali Sankar Certified Buyer. Best book I have read till no!! Author has written in that way that you can feel the emotions. Must recommended for beginners as this is my second book which I read complete. Flipkart Customer Certified BuyerThiruvellore. This is an awesome book. Pooja Nanda Certified Buyer.

Huh I don't like book at all it boring and little bit unrealistic It's my opinion. Must read Pravabati Das Certified BuyerBhubaneswar. Saranya Akula Certified BuyerVisakhapatnam. Questions and Answers. Q: Is this Tough or easy for begginers?? Khushboo jain Jain. Report Abuse.

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Q: The book is amazing literally anyone can connect to such a love story. A: That is true anyone can connect with this story. It is a great read. Q: Can i gift this book to a girl? A: Yes, you can gift it to a girl.

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Mohit Rathore. Q: Do this story have a happy ending? Q: 12 year old can read this book. Q: How many s?? Q: will I get a ed version and a bookmark with the book. A: ed version yes but they are not providing bookmark with the book. Flipkart Customer. Q: Is it suitable for a 15 year old. A: If she is good in english, then it became suitable, but she may be too immature to read this book. Q: Is it a ed copy or not?

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A: ed copies were for pre-order only. Q: Do I get a ed book. Safe and Secure Payments. Easy returns. You might be interested in. Back to top. Arpit Vageria is a bestselling author and is well known for his heart-warming love stories.

Are my girl next door

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