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A feminism affirming pleasure is not over. Sex positivity is about me being me, and you being you, and both of our experiences and desires being valid — within the contexts of consenting adults. Freedom from shame. Being able to make authentic choices. Sex positivity embraces the choice not to have sex. It gave a perspective that is in line with the experiences I witnessed in as an employee at a pornography addiction recovery nonprofit for teenagers.

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This younger generation is coming to realize how pornography has shaped their perspectives of sex, and how unhealthy and out of touch with reality those perspectives really are. The one thing I will never forget about the work I did at that organization is the countless disturbing and heartbreaking stories from youths who recounted how others — both adults and their peers — sexually assaulted them by acting out on them the pornography they had just viewed.

I came to understand how harmful and misogynistic pornography really can be. Good for the younger generation today for seeing those harms and calling them out.

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Their futures will be better by doing so. I hope they turn the tide for their own sakes and for the sake of women and girls everywhere.

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Though some feminists saw value or at least potential in pornography, it was never a prerequisite for exploring ways to have the sex you wanted, uncontaminated by power relations, convention, drama or myth. Sex-positive feminists held that sex could be different things for the same people at different times: a language of love, a solitary pleasure, an erotic thrill, a form of play, an itch.

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First, given our fraught social and political environment, how can she blithely lump all Americans together for any kind of critique? Second — and this underscores my first point — my experience does not mirror hers.

My wife and I and another couple travel frequently to the United Kingdom and Europe, and I have yet to encounter more than a handful of loud or rude Americans. But to call them even the majority seems crass. No doubt Ms. Clemence conducts herself with Poppinsesque decorum as she rubs elbows with fashionistas. But beyond her exemplar, whom can we seek for guidance? She and I must haunt different arrondissements. I lost a lot of sleep during our last trip to Paris, and the all-night rowdies were baying mostly French and German; I heard no English.

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Clemence starts by excoriating Americans for their behavior and ends by scolding us for not meeting her standards for our itineraries. Although I share a few of Ms. Tour groups bring throngs of people all at once rather than more naturally spaced out. They make it largely impossible to have a natural, personal and authentic interaction with a local.

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Tour groups make their participants into consumers of sights and experience, rather than providing authentic experiences. Letters Sex Positivity, Pornography and Feminism. Not So. Deborah J. Nick Canfield Brooklyn.

Beautiful ladies wants sex encounters Oklahoma City

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