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Start now. For any additional questions, please reach out to care ro. Roman is for adults who are experiencing erectile dysfunction, hair loss, premature ejaculation, cold sores, genital herpes, eczema, dandruff, excessive sweating, allergies, or certain other health issues and prefer to receive treatment from the comfort of their home. First, complete an online visit detailing your symptoms and medical history. Roman will ship your treatment in discreet packaging with free 2-day shipping, if prescribed.

We take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

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Ro is the healthcare company that powers Roman. We are a direct-to-consumer telehealth company that handles everything from diagnosis to the convenient delivery of medication. Learn more about Ro. All of the doctors and nurse practitioners on the Roman platform are U.

Each doctor or nurse practitioner undergoes an extensive background check and verification process. When you message or talk with a doctor or nurse practitioner on the Roman platform, you can see theirmedicaland credentials any time you want. Just click on their name in the messaging thread in your and take a look. Learn more about our medical advisory board here.

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In order to receive treatment through Roman, you need to have seen a healthcare provider within the last three years. Roman is a complement to— not a replacement of —your primary care provider PCP. You can head to your and message the medical support team any time you want to share your medical information with your PCP or other healthcare providers. Roman has built telemedicine technologies to enable doctors and nurse practitioners to practice medicine and take care of patients remotely.

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Every doctor or nurse practitioner you interact with is d to prescribe medicine and treat patients in your state. If you have feedback about the platform or a complaint regarding a doctor or nurse practitioner on the Roman platform, please care ro.

Telemedicine is safe and effective—as long as patients answer questions truthfully, accurately, and completely. Healthcare professionals can only be effective when they have accurate, current information about your case—both in telemedicine and in-person visits. Doctors and nurse practitioners on the Roman platform depend solely on the information you provide during your visit and via secure chat, phone, or video. They have no way of externally verifying the information you provide. Only by reading this information in its entirety and fully understanding the content can you adequately weigh the risks and benefits of the treatment.

After your online visit, a doctor or nurse practitioner will complete their initial review of your medical history within 24 hours. It depends. Telemedicine laws vary by state. A small of states require a provider and patient to chat via video. If you live in one of those states, after your initial online visit, a doctor or nurse practitioner will reach out to set up a convenient time to chat. You do not need to already have a prescription or a referral to use Roman. The doctors and nurse practitioners on the Roman platform will write a prescription if they deem it safe and appropriate for you after your online visit.

We offer free shipping on every order, as well as customer support days a year. You can always choose your own pharmacy, although Roman cannot guarantee the pricing of the medications processed outside of our pharmacy network. Your doctor or nurse practitioner will need to confirm your identity before treating you via telemedicine. In order to confirm your identity, we need two photos:. If you have any questions about how to your photos, please care ro. The cost of your treatment depends on the type and amount of product or medication you receive.

Please visit the Pricing to get more information. Our shipments come either monthly or quarterly every three months depending on what you choose during your online visit. If regular shipments are not right for you, you can also switch to on-demand shipments after you receive your first order.

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Additionally, you can pause or delay individual shipments. We send reminders 24 hours prior to processing a refill to allow for any adjustments. To make updates to your plan, pause, or cancel any orders, please visit the Plan Details section of your My Ro. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns of prescription products for reuse or resale, and all sales are final.

However, if you feel we have made an error in the filling of your prescription, please at care ro. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an link to track your shipment. All orders are shipped 2nd Day Air to ensure medication is received as soon as possible. Orders are only able to be shipped on weekdays; orders placed after PM will ship the next day. Roman is a telemedicine company that provides a discreet, convenient, and affordable way for you to receive erectile dysfunction ED treatment from a doctor or nurse practitioner—all without leaving the couch.

The online visit will ask you about your symptoms, your medical history, and other basic information. There are many different types of PDE5 inhibitors that differ by how quickly they start working, how long they last, their side effects, and more.

Each prescription is tailored to the individual patient. The specific PDE5 inhibitors offered by Roman are:. Other PDE5 inhibitors work in a similar way in the body and are also effective.

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They may also change your dosage depending on your reaction to the medication and any side effects. Yesin most cases.

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Erectile dysfunction ED can be diagnosed by a healthcare professional based on a patient self-reporting their symptoms and medical history. Healthcare professionals on the Roman platform use telemedicine technologies to diagnose ED in the same way they diagnose patients in person. The doctors and nurse practitioners on the Roman platform use your answers to diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan. These tests are optional and not a requirement for receiving treatment, but more information is always useful for diagnosis and treatment.

It can be dangerous to take ED medication if your blood pressure is above or below a certain value. To complete a comprehensive medical history during your online visit, you need to most recent blood pressure reading within the last six months. location into higi or Pursuant Health to find a place near you that offers free, clinically verified blood pressure readings. We recommend an upper arm cuff over a wrist or finger blood pressure monitor. Roll up your sleeve so that your arm is bare. Apply the cuff on your upper arm and follow the directions on the device.

Please make sure to take at least two readings. Enter the higher of the two readings during your online visit. Other treatment options for ED include lifestyle modifications e. Every treatment comes with risks and benefits that you should fully understand before moving forward with any treatment plan. Currently, the only ED treatments Roman offers are oral PDE5 inhibitors in the form of sildenafil citrate see important safety information and tadalafil see important safety information.

Orders ship in discreet boxes with all medication in single-use packs. These single-use packs are not childproof. Childproof packaging is available upon request by ing care ro. Orders are shipped via 2nd Day Air to ensure medication is received as soon as possible.

Post office boxes and mail forwarding addresses will receive standard postal shipping and not 2nd Day Air at this time. location into higi or Pursuant Health to find the nearest location to get a free, clinically verified blood pressure reading. Higi stations are available free of charge at Rite Aid nationwide, and Pursuant Health stations are available free of charge at Walmart nationwide. Roman is a telemedicine company that provides a discreet, convenient, and affordable way for you to receive hair loss treatment from a doctor or nurse practitioner—all without leaving the couch.

Minoxidil generic Rogaine is available for purchase directly from the website as an over-the-counter OTC product. If you are interested in prescription treatment, it starts with an online visit. There is one prescription-strength medication for hair loss available on the Roman platform: finasteride generic Propecia see important safety information. This medication helps patients maintain the hair they have or possibly even regrow some hair they have lost. Finasteride can be used for a receding hairline as well as hair loss at the crown.

In addition to finasteride, minoxidil generic Rogaine is an over-the-counter treatment for hair loss that you can purchase directly from the website without going through an online visit. Minoxidil can be used for hair loss at the crown. In some cases, your doctor or nurse practitioner may recommend using finasteride and minoxidil together. Hair loss treatment can work to preserve hair and possibly even regrow hair. Finasteride regrows hair less well, but it does provide a benefit for some men.

Finasteride see important safety information and minoxidil typically take three to four months of daily use to start seeing visible changes. It can take up to a year to see the maximum. Like all medications, finasteride and minoxidil will work differently for different people. To sustain benefits, you have to continue using hair loss medication.

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If you stop, your hair loss may return. In clinical trials, some men experienced sexual dysfunction due to finasteride. This included a decrease in sexual desire libidoa decrease in semen volume, or erectile dysfunction ED. These side effects were noted in 3. In addition, finasteride can lower serum prostate-specific antigen PSA levels and may increase the risk of high-grade prostate cancers. If you are being screened for prostate cancer, you should let your healthcare provider know that you are taking finasteride. Also, as finasteride enters the system, it may cause shedding of fine hairs before it stops or reverses hair loss.

Discreet massachusetts chat rooms

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