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Cole has since opened two brick-and-mortar locations in the Atlanta area and is preparing to open a third in the Edgewood neighborhood this month. And after Rayshard Brooks was fatally shot by an APD officer in June, she donated a car and life insurance policies to his family and covered college tuition fees for his children.

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Here, Cole explains how her mother inspired her altruism, how her community informed her activism, and how she wants to motivate others to vote. My mother is from Jamaica. She came to this country when she was Once she got here, she met my dad and—long story short—he ended up doing 22 years in prison.

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She was always working two or three jobs and letting people from Jamaica come stay in our house until they got on their feet. So there were always six to 10 people living with us. If somebody needed money, she would give them money. We sacrificed presents on holidays so that she could help other people.

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But I appreciate it now, because I am just like that. I will help anybody. The goal of my foundation is to provide opportunities and financial literacy resources to people to help bridge the generational wealth gap.

It feels good to be able to help my young Black brothers because I know how it feels to be a part of the system. As a young kid, I was not able to physically touch my father unless I went through a whole bunch of security guards. We would sit and talk for an hour before the buzzer went off. We want to make sure that those people are good because those are the people who really make our world go around.

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We want to create a space where people feel like they have options, especially in inner-city communities. If you go to your local grocery store in an inner-city community, the fruit that you see there is not going to look like the fruit that you see in Beverly Hills. Sometimes pivots are okay because they allow us the opportunity to reset, restart, research, and get better. Votenik is a program to promote voter turnout.

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Presidents are not gods. The change that we want to see? We literally can be that change. Locate food deserts in your area, then support charities that increase access to healthy, affordable food in low-income areas, like the Food Empowerment Project.

Donate to organizations that fund women-of-color-owned food and beverage businesses, like New Voices Fund. Discover, support, and amplify Black-owned restaurants by using apps, like Black and Mobile and Eat Okra.

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Bank Black —investing in Black-owned banks means investing in Black communities. Black-owned banks offer the same services as larger institutions, but with more one-on-one customer service to guide Black restaurant owners through bookkeeping, payroll, and funding opportunities like PPP loans. Donate to the Pinky Cole Foundationwhich funds financial literacy education and mentorship programs for teens and young adults nationwide, helping the fast-food workers of today become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Edgewood slutty girls

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