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Did any of that make sense to you? If so, pat yourself on the bum for being Grindr fluent.

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But for those who just saw a bunch of letters, allow us to welcome you to the world of queer dating. Bator — People who tend to enjoy masturbating with others over penetration.

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Feeling kinky? Bear — A larger, typically hairy, gay male. Bttm — A bottom, or the person who is penetrated during anal sex. Daddy — An older gay male who is lusted after by younger men. Discreet — Someone who values their privacy could be closeted. Good luck getting a face pic.

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DP — Double Penetration: two penises, one hole. Free Later? FWB — Friends with benefits the main benefit being sex. GH — Gloryhole; a hole in a public place where one can insert their penis and receive an anonymous blowjob. Hosting — Congrats, you have your own place!

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Or at least a private room where you can invite ppl over to fool around in. They mean what are you into sexually. Leather — A gay man involved in the gay leather subculture. LTR means long term relationship. Masc4Masc — Something insecure ppl put on their profile. Milk — What some gay men call semen. Good for your bones! More pics? Nice — This person is not interested. Sashay away. No Taps — This person has some sort of inexplicable problem with receiving compliments.

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Otter — Gay ppl with fur who run on the lean side. Also see: Raw Only. Raw Only — No condoms during anal sex. Safe — A fan of safe sex practices: condoms, PrEP, etc.

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Showoff — Ppl who want to have public sex. Thicc — A body-positive bigger guy. Travel — Either on a vacation or lives with his parents.

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Unicorn — A single male who likes to sleep with couples. Grindr Glossary. BB bttm pig looking to host, HMU. Closeted — Not publicly out. DL — Downlow or closeted. Horned up — Aggressively horny. Hookup — Meet up and have sex.

NPNC — No pic, no chat. RN — Right now. Twink — A young, hairless gay man. UC — An uncut penis. Vers — Top and bottom bunk. WS — Watersports. Urine for a treat! Facebook 0 Twitter Tumblr Pinterest 0 0 Likes.

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