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Is it safe? Are these people really who they say they are? What do we really know about online dating? How do these relationships tend to work out? According to the well-respected Pew Research Center, they are most commonly used by those aged Online dating tends to be slightly more popular with people who are relatively well-off and college graduates, although differences are not large. About two-thirds of those who up go out into the real world and give it a try.

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The rest never actually take the plunge. There does appear to be some evidence that men are looking for thinner, shorter women, while women seem to be looking for taller men who are slightly heavier. Race can be another tricky issue.

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Analysis shows that white Americans tend to stay within their own ethnicity when making matches online, while those of other races appear more likely to be willing to make contact with people not of their own race. However, overall, many experts believe that online dating is already resulting in greater s of interracial marriages.

Naturally enough, more recently formed couples are more likely to have met online than couples who have been together a long time. What about longevity? Different studies have come to different conclusions here, with some claiming that married couples who met online stay together longer, and some saying they are more likely to divorce. Safety is a real concern with any dating situation, of course, but it becomes a bit more urgent when interacting with someone whom we truly do not know.

In the case of online dating, there are two main concerns: personal safety when in real life, and being scammed, in person or from afar. Some basic safety tips for users: Make your first meeting in a very public place. Message them through the app instead. You may be shocked to learn that according to the FBI, online dating scams or frauds cost consumers hundreds of millions annually. A common pattern is for a scammer to develop a close relationship with a victim over a period of weeks or months. Then the scammer suddenly and urgently needs money, for whatever pressing reason.

The victim often sends it. Then, of course, the scammer disappears with the cash, or, if possible, continues to scam the victim for more money. How can you avoid being a victim? Finally…what about lying in online dating profiles? Should we be concerned that Dave in Duluth might actually still be married? Overall, however, lies tend to be minor, probably because people recognize that being untruthful is not a smart strategy.

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You may find a great healthy relationship online. Or you might discover that the person who looked great on your phone suffers from one of your dating dealbreakers in real life. The majority of those polled by Pew in agreed that this is a great way to meet people. Want to enhance your relationship skills? Learn more!

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