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Casual sex - two words that can mean very different things to many different people. For some, the idea of having sex casually — with someone whose name you might struggle to remember in the morning — is an unfathomable act, like showering with your shoes on or eating dinner in the bath. But for others, casual sex when practised safely, obviously is natural, easy and - if single for a prolonged period - possibly essential.

Millennials are also more tolerant of non-typical sexual practices such as polyamory and in recent years, gay couples have finally gained equal legal rights in England, Scotland and Wales. And, perhaps most interestingly of all, this additional survey showed women were more open to the idea of no-strings sex than ever before. Psychologist Emma Kenny suggests that no-strings sex is sometimes not as straightforward as it seems. Of course, there are as many types of casual hook-ups as there are prophylactics on the shelves of your local chemist.

For every one-night stand which ends in earth-shatteringly good sex, there are those which turn awkward the moment the sunlight pierces through your bedroom window and the hangover kicks in. I started having casual sex at university.

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It just became part of a night out. At first, it felt liberating, like I was in control. I was really upset. Getting hurt like that changed how I approached having sex with men.

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For a while, it made me more cautious. But then I moved to London after uni, and did it all again. With men, sex feels more animalistic, whereas with girls, it's different - more emotional - like it would be harder to get up and walk away in the morning.

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In my final year of uni, I broke up with my girlfriend and went on a bit of a sex bender. Admittedly, it can get complicated if one side catches feelings - but you just have to be brave and break it off. Sleeping with someone you know is more into you than you are into them is pointless and will only end badly.

Online hook-ups can feel a bit artificial. I think everyone has an image of what sex will be like when they start having it. It all adds up to make the experience of casual sex less glamorous than you might expect. But, I do really enjoy it. I used to have casual sex a lot but I had to keep it private.

Having casual sex helped me feel comfortable with my brown body. As a brown kid in Britain, you grow up seeing sexual attractiveness as the preserve of white men. Casual sex helped me move past those insecurities, to see that people found me attractive.

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With casual sex I enjoyed the newness of each sexual partner, and learning what they liked. But I definitely fell into the trap of expecting more than some of my partners were able to offer. I'd describe myself as pansexual, bisexual, or queer.

Why Women Have Casual Sex - The 4 Emotional Needs Women Need For Sex

Mostly, I meet people through social media. Antidepressants hindered my ability to orgasm, a lot. It was possible to come, but it just took so much more effort. It's good to be back to normal now! Maybe I just chose the wrong partners.

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Often those men would go on to ghost me. No more suffering in frustrated silence. I'm lucky that I can get everything I need from one person. Ending racism in business: 'We've still got work to do'.

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Insomnia and me: 'I've suffered for such a long time'. Coercive control: 'I was 16 and thought it was normal'. Sirin Kale 6 December Share this:. Copy this link. After a while, I stopped doing it because I realised it left me feeling a bit cold inside. Chloe, 21, Birmingham.

Let's Talk About Casual Sex...

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Lady wants casual sex Roll

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