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Inevitably, life gets stressful. Of course, having a decent chunk of alone time is one of the best ways to feel sane again after a difficult day or week. But when you're part of a pair, it's important to find ways to be together and relax at the same time. Here, find fifty relationship-expert-approved ideas for taking stress levels down a notch with your favorite person in the world.

Whether it's at home or in a restaurant, a meal sans cell phones can work wonders for your attitude. The lack of distraction will nurture good conversation and quality time. Getting your heart-rate up is a great way to chill out, and ing in a class is a great way to instill discipline. Because who doesn't like celebrating? Create a holiday called Wednesday Day on the spot and celebrate it with champagne and tacos!

And for more ways to solidify your relationship, check out these 50 Relationship Quotes to Reignite Your Love. So why not give it a try together? Head to a class or if you know what you're doing, set your mats up at home! The best way to do something relaxing as a couple is to make sure it's an activity that's relaxing for both of you. Michael Reitanophysician in residence at Roman. Laughter boosts the immune system, burns calories, and triggers endorphins. Couples should find ways to actively add laughter to their time together. Frequent visits to comedy clubs, movie nights, or just plain ol' knock-knock jokes should do the trick.

Whatever your game of choice is, kicking back and spending a couple of hours playing it together is a fun way to connect and forget about everyday stresses. Kathrine McAleesea sociologist and psychotherapist. You can both read the same book and discuss it, kind of like your very own book club. Or any other heartwarming show or movie. While a luxurious vacation might seem like the best way to relax, that's not always possible. So why not try a staycation instead?

This can be anything, just make sure you go with the flow. A little social interaction is one of the best ways to unwind—even if you do it as a couple. Take the pressure off by meeting your friends at a bar, restaurant, or park instead of inviting them to come over to your house. Yes, really. Take a break to have a drink with a pal, go to the gym, meditate, or listen to a podcast before you come in. You will be so much more awesome to be around. Both of you getting all the outside interference off your chest will allow you to put it behind you and start fresh with new thoughts and conversations.

Going hiking, kayaking, or simply walking trails brings a sense of peace and clarity we don't often get in the hustle and bustle of our day. This one might be stereotypical, but that doesn't make it any less true.

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Go ahead and play hooky, or try this out on a weekend. Begin talking about what has helped you feel happy today," Derichs says. Feeling connected can lead to making love, which for many couples is relaxing. This is especially nice if a date night in is needed because you have young kids, or if you're just not home much together.

Especially if neither of you is an expert bartender. Playing around with different ingredients, taste-testing your creations, and enjoying the winning finished product is sure to take your mind off of everyday stresses.

Romance doesn't have to be all about sex. A new, peaceful place can totally revamp your mindset. A floor covered with your kid's toys and undone chores? How about a sandy shore leading off into soothing ocean water? This robs them of intimacy and connection.

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Couples who don't go to bed at the same time have less time in serious conversation, shared activities, and sex. The fact is that time spent in bed before going to sleep can be the most relaxing. In fact, research shows that this cuddle time can leave couples feeling more nurtured and relax. Counseling isn't just for when you're having relationship problems.

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Go for a coaching workshop," Eldad recommends. Even if you've had a hectic day, you should be able to squeeze in a few minutes to talk before bed. Just make sure you keep the conversation light. Let your partner know that the two of you are in this together—that you are a team. It's hard not to feel relaxed when you're watching waves crash, so if you have access to a beach, definitely head there together.

It's time to disconnect," Pompey says. If you are worried about emergencies back home, break your no phone rule once every few hours to check for missed calls or emergency voics. Spending time with your partner working on something challenging—that's a fun challenge—can help you let go of the day's stress. If traditional puzzles aren't your thing, try a crossword.

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Whether it's a new car, a fancy coffee maker, or bigger TV, set aside some funds and take a shopping trip to pick out something that will bring you both joy. Try a class, hit a club, or turn some music on at home. Just because you're hanging out together doesn't mean you have to talk, and in fact, sometimes it's better to pick a relaxation activity where neither of you has to speak. Select a podcast you're both interested in, get comfy, and enjoy.

Massages are great, but massages, pedicures, and facials? Even better.

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Plan a whole day at a local spa and get pampered together. Animals give unconditional love to their owners, so taking your dog out to play fetch is guaranteed to be a feelgood experience. No pet of your own? Ask a friend if you can borrow theirs for the day. Sit down and create your ultimate list of must-do activities for the next few years.

Include places you want to travel, singers you want to see in concert, festivals you want to attend—anything you dream about that you can do together. Exercising together is an awesome way to unwind, but if you want to do something a little more exciting than hitting the treadmill, try a class that neither of you has done before. Whether it's spinning, CrossFit, or acroyoga, the options are endless.

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Terri Orbuchhappy couples felt that one of the most important aspects of their relationship was the sense that their partner was there for them," Wadley says. Active listening and open communication is essential here. In the car, at home, at a concert—it doesn't matter. Listen to something you both love and let the music do its work. Bring a blanket and snack and just enjoy each other's company. Create a t venture and put together an indoor herb garden or an outdoor vegetable garden together.

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Deciding what to grow, tending to your plants, and figuring out how to cook what you've grown will provide hours of stress-free bonding time. Whatever you decide to do to relax with your partner, make sure it's different from what you always do. All Rights Reserved. Open side menu button. All of the ways couples can de-stress together. By Julia Malacoff January 24, Read This Next. Latest News. She's making waves in both industries. He lobbed a new insult in their ongoing feud.

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Looking for someone to chill w

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