Looking for the missing part

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Technology 89 Views. As part of unlocking the training outfit in Genshin Impact, players must find the missing ward piece on Yashiori Island in Inazuma. In Genshin Impact In the new map location, Inazuma, players will have a of new missions to complete. To complete the missions on the island of Yashiori, players will have to find some missing pieces of a broken ward. It requires players to resolve three wards, and the first is the focus of this article. Players must find two missing pieces for an NPC named Kaji, who asks the player for help when they enter the region.

Have a chat with this NPC to start the quest chain. The players of this free-to-play video game will have to listen to a long conversation with the NPC, and he will let players know that the very intense storm will not stop without the barriers being repaired, but the players will have to start the closest one. Interact with the Broken Ward After chatting with Kaji, players must go to the Ward and interact with it. The department seems to beg the player to complete it, unlocking the next step of this quest.

Head north, looking for a large bright blue bubble.

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This dome is surrounded by enemies and players will want to take them out quickly. It should be easy enough for everyone Genshin Impact players with perfect artifact shots and who are leveled and oriented appropriately for the area.

Investigate the ruins interior Genshin Impact (Orobashi's Legacy Part V)

Unlike many of the more difficult puzzles in Genshin Impact like the pressure plate puzzle in the Dragonspine area, this one is pretty easy to complete. Players only need to aim each of the pillars towards the next pillar in order, starting with the pillar with the C-shaped top. The other three pillars will have rounded tops.

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Here are the four positions of the pillars:. Rotate the first pillar further south, in the shape of a C, so that the C faces the second pillar, which is slightly north and east of the first. Tilt the second pillar down and in front of the third pillar, which is slightly downhill and north of the second pillar. Keep aligning the purple lines coming out of each of the pillars to the next pillar, then point the last pillar towards the large blue dome. After that, hit the first C-shaped pillar with an attack to activate the beam and break the barrier.

Players of one of the best mobile games of will find that the first missing piece of Ward is right in the middle of where the dome was, floating in the center. After the players have grabbed it, they must fall under where the dome used to be; there will be a mini-boss waiting for them. Once defeated, look to the southern part of this small underground area and look for another glowing gem on the ground.

Now players can return to the ward and complete it by returning both of its pieces. After that, talk to Kaji and he will give the players the next part of the quest. Complete the entire chain of missions to unlock some for free Genshin Impact rewards and making the island safe for workers again. Source link. How to search for the missing part to repair the ward Technology 89 Views.

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Looking for the missing part

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Genshin Impact Orobashi's legacy quest guide (Part-1): How to search for the missing part to repair the ward