Looking to meet a cool chick

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Feminest offers business consulting for creative businesses. Nikki is not only an expert in her field but she is also super approachable and fun.

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If you are new to CoChic Cool Chicks, welcome! CoChic Cool Chicks is an interview series, featuring inspirational women entrepreneurs who I am lucky enough to have in my girl boss network. These women are doing great things and whether you aspire to be an entrepreneur or not, I hope that they inspire you to do great things, too. I encourage you to check out their businesses, websites, and social media. And reach out to them, ask them questions, say hello.

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Feminest gives creative women entrepreneurs and small businesses tools and resources to help their businesses grow through events, e-courses, and one-on-ones. I freaking love what I do! So a couple of years ago I was in a time of my life where all those came together and it just happened very naturally and I just started doing it! I love the freedom to learn, grow and to set goals and see what comes from it.

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What is the most challenging thing about being an entrepreneur? I think it can be lonely.

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I love working with people on a collaboration and partnership level. Which I think is difficult. We have ideas for a reason. You just need to start. So choose to be that person and bring to life something that can be so incredible and take you places you never dreamed of.

I think surpassing goals quickly that I thought were pretty challenging for me. I love this question. I love these two apps in Gmail — Streak and Rapporative. I have these high-waisted Madewell jeans that have reinforced pockets that make me feel sucked in and tight.

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Which feels like nice support especially after baby 2. It means finding that sweet spot that feels real and stylish in a way that is not for anyone else but yourself.

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Looking to meet a cool chick

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