Married women Cedar City

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This article takes a look at the mistakes that many women make about sex in their marriage. Although they are not limited to the following:. The only time you can refrain from a sexual relationship is when you are fasting. Before the fast you are to inform your husband, he is to be aware of your proposed fasting before you go ahead. You need to be bold and wise enough to ask your husband whether he is satisfied.

Ask him what you can do to satisfy him, then go ahead to do them. It is easier to pull down a sexually unfulfilled man. A man who is sexually fulfilled by his darling wife will be more difficult to pull down. A man that is not getting the best of sex at home is a danger going somewhere to happen. Protect your husband from falling. Meet his needs at home and make it impossible for him to fall into error. Song of Solomon Ensure your bed is always green. Your bed must not be RED. A red bed is a sexless marriage.

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A YELLOW bed is a marriage where the husband hasto struggle, plead, beg and even fight before having sex with his wife. It is a marriage where the wife had made a calendar for sex at home.

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This is a marriage that is full of sexual immorality. You must never allow any other man to sleep with you. It is an unrighteous act. It is unholy and unacceptable to God to allow any other man apart from your darling husband to sleep with you.

Somebody else may cook for him, somebody else may take care of his clothes, but you are the only one that is authorized by God to sleep with him. It may be very hard for him to escape. Your maid should be your assistant, you should not be the one assisting her.

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She may subtly take over your home. It may look funny, but that is one sexual mistake that a whole lot of women are making, please fall for it. Your husband likes it, it is his need and right. He wants every night, he is never tired. She eventually snatched the man from her friend. Your sex life is a private life, discuss it only with your husband.

It will be totally bad not to improve your bedroom life. A lot of women wonder why their husbands are always making a-never-ending-demand of sex. Some women refer to their husbands as sex addicts. These women failed to understand that their husbands is not different from any other married man.

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In every animal group, the male is generally stronger than their female counterpart. Your husband is just being normal by demanding for sex. That is how God made men, that is how it is in most bedrooms, apply wisdom and satisfy your husband. Dress your best so that your husband can see the good in you.

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Catch his eyes so that he will be moved towards you alone. A lot of married women will feel happy or indifferent to it. Many married women even wish God will remove the sexual aspect of their marriage. Sex is what makes marriage different from other relationships. Sex is what makes you different from the other women in his life.

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So, if he does not ask you out in bed for two weeks you should ask questions. If he does not ask you out in the bed for three weeks you should be worried, maybe he has another solution outside. It is not a testimony if your husband does not bother you for sex for weeks, it may have great consequences. Pregnancy is not a reason for sexual denial, you are the one that is pregnant, your husband is not pregnant. Look for different ways of having sex as the pregnancy advances. Bisi Adewale is a family and relationship expert; author of Secret of Irresistible Wife and more than 70 other books on marriage and family life.

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Married women Cedar City

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