Maybe what you are seeking

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But what does it actually mean? And how can you apply it to your life? Trying to wrap your brain around the words, and getting nowhere right now? Because contained within those words of wisdom the Rumi ones more so than the Vogue lyrics could be the key to a happier life!

And you thought Harry Potter was a bestseller. Or just put quotes on IG with a swirly font. And that sounds pretty awesome, right? Never fear! Or, you might use your redundancy package to support yourself for a couple of months and get your own labor of love off the ground.

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At the very least, your experience at your place of work allows you to open another door elsewhere. And meditation can be a pretty good way of doing that. You can simply find a quiet, safe place where you can relax, and completely tune out.

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Shut your eyes, turn off your phoneand visualize where you want to be in life. But try to look beyond that. Ignore short-term wants and desires or any obligations that you might have. What will truly make you happy in your everyday life? A certain job? Living in a certain place? Being nearer to your family?

But do give meditation a try.

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Aside from finding that potential path to happiness, it can be pretty rad if anxiety or depression are blocking your thoughts. It can also help you find balance.

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Whether you engaged with some meditation or already have a clear sense of what makes you happy, you can use that to find your purpose in life. Sounds pretty scary and final, right? Listen to your inner voice and your intuition. Painting is calling you? Then that might well your purpose in life: to paint and be happy doing it. Keep it fun! Listening to that inner voice and trusting that your purpose will find you, lets you cut out the crap and streamline your to-do list. Focus on finding another. Want to take some online courses, but not sure which one?

Well, which one benefits that end goal?

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Remember that even small actions can produce big when you know what you want out of life. Let your purpose sketch out a plan that guides your to-do list. So, say you realize that being a YouTuber or Twitch streamer would make you happy.

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Your to-do list might involve messaging people about vlog collaborations, buying podcasting gear, or researching ways to boost your subscribers. You might have videos to put together or scripts to write and edit. You can just let it flow, see what happens, and gauge where life takes you. Have ideas, and take action on them. Ticking items off the list not only gets you closer to what you seek, but it also just feels pretty damn good. We see you. Life is meant to be enjoyable, right? And there may well be speed bumps and the occasional failure in the road. But we all understand the concept.

Practice meditationwhich can help you stay present in the moment. But the main thing is to relax. Let happiness come to you by approaching life with an open mind and exploring every avenue that interests you! From TikTok comedians…. A happiness wall sounds so simple and that's because it is.

Even experts say it'll bring joy. The hardest part is making sure you're actually…. Some simple habits can help you add more happy to your routine. We teamed up with science to let you know the best ways to care for yourself. If stress is getting the best of you, try these six simple exercises to calm the heck down and refocus. This curated list of songs is perfect for your celebration. This curated list of songs will help you celebrate and contemplate all that comes with the Juneteenth holiday. Juneteenth happens once a year, but the work is year-round. Here's why it can't just be a Black people's holiday that comes and goes.

How can we use this mantra? Medically reviewed by Med. Read this next. Happiness Hall of Fame was a rocky year, but there was still plenty that made us laugh, gave us hope, and reminded us how resilient people are.

How to STOP Seeking External Validation and Start Feeling Seen, Heard and Validated

Is This Love? Celebrate Liberation with This Juneteenth Playlist This curated list of songs will help you celebrate and contemplate all that comes with the Juneteenth holiday. Juneteenth: Why Observation and Participation Matter Juneteenth happens once a year, but the work is year-round.

Maybe what you are seeking

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What you seek is seeking you — Rumi