Meet over Orange talk drinks

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Meet the Fuzzy Navel. Before your mind wanders to grooming habits, the explanation is quite simple: Fuzzy refers to the peach schnapps think peach fuzz and the navel refers to the type of orange.

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The easygoing two-parter enjoyed its heyday in the s, an era known for its fun although not particularly well-respected cocktails. When DeKuyper released its peach schnapps into the American market inbartenders had yet another sweet, friendly ingredient to employ.

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Foley mixed equal-parts peach schnapps and orange juice together, creating a fruity highball that packed less of a punch than the Screwdriver vodka and orange juice. But try squeezing your own. Fresh OJ takes the drink to new heights, complementing the fruity liqueur with a richer, more citrusy taste. After all, your brunches deserve nothing but the best. The Fuzzy Navel proves that you only need two mere ingredients to create a notorious cocktail. Add the peach schnapps and orange juice into a highball glass over ice, and stir briefly to combine.

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Meet over Orange talk drinks

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Meet over orange talk drinks