Minnesota oral sex

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Pierce to technically certify her earlier ruling as a class action, so there would be no uncertainty about its impact. The state opposed this at a hearing last month. The ACLU had filed a lawsuit on behalf of several straight and gay Minnesotans who said the sodomy statute violated the privacy rights they are guaranteed by the State Constitution.

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Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, a defendant in the case along with the attorney general and the state itself, agreed on the day the ruling was released. Paul Pioneer-Press.

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The sodomy law also was used for years to help prevent passage of a state law banning discrimination based on sexual orientation. That law was finally enacted in The ruling in Doe, et al. Ventura, et al. In March, a state court in Arkansas found its sodomy law unconstitutional.

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Excluding Arizona, Arkansas and Minnesota, 15 states have laws prohibiting oral and anal sex between consenting adults, some of which only apply to same-sex intimacy - but all of which are used disproportionately against lesbians and gay men. Inall 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia had sodomy laws on the books. Since then, legislatures in 26 states including all of the states bordering on Minnesota have repealed their sodomy laws.

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Minnesota oral sex

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Court Strikes Down Minnesota Sodomy Law; Ventura Administration May Fight State Impact