Nashville needed end sex channel

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I n OctoberTaylor Swift abandoned her cowboy boots with fourth album Red. Country music needed a new saviour: a bankable female act to split a sea of indistinguishable bros.

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And there were two of them. Created by Thelma and Louise writer Callie Khouri, what looked like a show about the vicious rivalry between faded superstar Rayna James Connie Britton and the ruthless, rising Juliette Barnes Hayden Panettiere was more complicated than that. Nashville was relentlessly soapy, relying on accidents, love triangles, paternity suits and tantrums.

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Plus, it had killer songs. The city angle vanished.

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Scenes lasted about 30 seconds, the drama provided by someone walking in at an inopportune moment to provide some more expository dialogue. There was so much dry shareholder chat that you could understand why so many superstars behave badly. And when all its songwriter characters achieved fame, the stakes dissolved.

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And yet Nashville was wonderful. Daft, campy brilliance, anchored by empathic le such as Chris Carmack as gay singer Will Lexington who softened its ridiculousness. Was it when you mourned Jeff, the worst character, falling to his death?

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Jump the shark Country. When good TV goes bad: how Nashville turned country music into a trashy panto.

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Photograph: ABC. Laura Snapes. Mon 9 Oct Nashville — box set review.

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. Topics Country Jump the shark Television features.

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Nashville needed end sex channel

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