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Hiring a Top Rated Dancer or Dance Troupe will be a fantastic entertainment additional to party, works celebration, or public event - colour, movement and style is guaranteed to entrance your guests! If you are thinking of finding a fresh focus for your event, consider the impact that a hiring a Dancer or Dance Troupe could bring to the mix!. The drama of a Flamenco Dancer will spice up any party, or maybe the hire a Belly Dancer to watch their traditional and sensuous moves sensual moves!

Booking Bollywood dancers and professional Ballroom couples will captivate your audience regardless of age range, because there really is something for everyone. Dancers have their own music, lighting and stage sets - they offer superb entertainment and value.

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Take a look at the excellent range of Dancers available to book for your event and your guests are sure to be inspired to break out their dancing shoes! Want to save time? We can find you any entertainment you need. Get Quotes! Finding the right Dance Act is easy with our unique and comprehensive guide. Bursting with essential tips and answers to all those niggling questions, we help you book with confidence, so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy a truly fantastic and memorable event!

Dancers perform choreographed and freestyle routines to music, bringing energy, passion and a strong visual impact to any occasion. They can perform solo, in couples or groups, depending on what is required. There are many different styles of dance to choose fromincluding ballet, contemporary, jazz, ballroom, burlesque, flamenco and street dance.

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For a more exotic flavour, you can opt for belly dancing or a Bollywood dance performance. A Dance Act can be selected or tailored to suit the mood of your event perfectly. Professional dancers are exciting to watch and will dazzle guests with their skill and technique.

Hiring a dancer is guaranteed to add glamour, vibrancy and elegance to your birthday party, anniversary, wedding or corporate function. Many dance acts also offer taster classes and other options that give guests the opportunity to in and learn a few moves. This is a great way to break the ice and get everyone up for a dance, even those with two left feet. Dancers are suitable for engagement parties, weddings, dinner and cocktail parties, birthday parties, corporate functions, trade shows, exhibitions, product launches, award ceremonies, festivals, carnivals, street parties and community events.

This article has helpful advice about choosing the right dance act for your event. Classical ballet is filled with lavish sets, sumptuous music and rich theatrical dramatisations of dark fairy tales. Ballet originated in Renaissance Italy and developed into a fully-fledged art form in France. It remains hugely popular, with productions of classic and modern ballets filling theatres and opera houses across the world to this day. Although they make it look easy and may be slight in frame being a ballet dancer requires enormous strength and control. For sophisticated evening events, cocktail parties and receptions, hiring one or more ballet dancers will provide a spellbinding performance, captivating the audience with elegant routines.

Many ballet dancers can also perform more edgy contemporary dance or jazz styles, so just let them know if this would be a better fit for your event. Ballet dancers can wear the standard tutu and ballet slippers or pointe shoes, or more contemporary dancewear and possibly bare feet, depending on what they will be dancing and what the booker would prefer.

They can perform their own choice of routines, or tailor their costumes and music to encapsulate your chosen theme. A ballet dancer will add sophistication to a fundraiser, gala dinner, corporate function, VIP event or award ceremony and will certainly bring sparkle and romance to a wedding or anniversary celebration. For young dancers, a professional ballerina dancing up close will be a dream come true and make any birthday magical. Take a look at our talented Ballet Dancers. On their profiles you will find details of their experience and video showreels.

You can also use the Contact form to ask them any questions you have and request a free, no-obligation quote. These TV dance talent shows have literally swept viewers off their feet and are watched by millions every week. The appeal has a lot to do with the romance of partner dancing. Ballroom dancing is danced in pairs and involves structured routines that can take many years of training to master.

These dances are full of drama and energy and are performed to wonderful music that will fill your venue with an electric atmosphere. Ballroom dancers would not be seen dead in jeans.

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The epitome of elegance, they wear only the most exquisite, richly coloured costumes. To and find a glittering dance duo near you check out these sparkling Ballroom Dancers available to contact and book on Entertainers Worldwide. The essence of Belly Dancing, which originated in the Middle East, is sinuous and sensuous movements with swaying hips.

It is both a folk dance and a performance art. Basic moves include percussive hip drops and twists, fluid hip circles and shimmies and fast repetitive movements. The whole body is used to create dynamic and dramatic routines and the dance requires great control, particularly of the abdominal muscles.

Costumes are brightly coloured with lots of chiffon, scarves, be, coins and jewellery. Some dancers also incorporate veil and sword shows into their routines! Belly Dancers often perform solo, either on stage or working around the room entertaining small groups, providing great walkabout entertainment. This will be an instant talking point and great for photo opportunities. Dancers will often provide interactive entertainment, inviting guests to in and have a go.

This is a brilliant ice-breaker and creates a wonderful party atmosphere. Colleagues, guests, friends and family members will leave with a sway in their hips, a bounce in their step and a huge smile on their face. Many performers offer family-friendly shows and fun taster classes. Victoria is a professional belly dancer for hire in London with seven years dance experience and travels abroad regularly to the Middle East and North Africa. To fill your event with fun, glamour, colour and an authentic taste of Arabia, book a bellydancer near you and make your event unforgettable.

Bollywood is the name of the Indian popular film industry, in which Indian classical and folk dancing is widely used, along with belly dancing and western styles of dance. Bollywood dancers usually dance in a group, with s ranging from three to thirty including a live band, and they bring an irresistible element of fun to many celebrations. While this form of dance remains popular at Indian weddings, it has become increasingly popular around the world for all kinds of events.

Many Bollywood dancers will get guests involved too, with some even offering taster classes and workshops, guaranteed to liven up any event! Wow your friends, family or clients with a flamboyant display of authentic Indian dancing, perfect for bringing glamour and sparkle to an after dinner party, product launch, VIP event or birthday party. Bollywood Dancers are popular at Sangeet nights, Mehndi parties, Diwali events, weddings and large scale corporate events. Colourful costumes, infectious rhythms and high-energy dancing will bring the magic of Bollywood movies to life in front of your very eyes, adding energy and zing to any occasion and creating a vibrant atmosphere that people of all ages will enjoy.

Bringing Bollywood to festivals and events around the World. One of the top Dance Acts booked in London - Absolute Bollywood are a Dance Act and a popular live group booked for weddings and parties. You can find Bollywood Dancers available for hire near you by searching on our website.

By clicking on their profiles, you can find out what kind of acts they offer, what events they perform at and see clips of them dancing live.

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Transport your guests to the wonderful world of make believe and romance that is Bollywood! For fans of Spanish culture, what could be better than hiring a Flamenco Dancer for your special celebration? Expect full, resplendent Spanish costume, dramatic hand clapping, percussive castanets and plenty of emotion with this powerful dance act.

Flamenco Dancers are trained in traditional Spanish Flamenco dancing. They can perform solo or in duos or larger groups and will dance either to backing tracks of traditional Spanish music, or live Spanish musicians and vocalists. They can dance on stage or work around the room providing exciting walkabout entertainment. Their raw energy and lively routines are guaranteed to capture the imagination of guests young and old and create a fantastic party atmosphere.

You can find all the information you need on their profiles and even take a look at video clips of them performing. Female Dancers cover the whole range of dance styles, including ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, jive, Irish, burlesque, latin and ballroom, to name just a few. Not only will a female dancer know their routines backwards, they will also look the part, dressed in authentic costumes complete with hair and make-up of the era, enhancing the theme of your event beautifully. Dancers also enjoying meeting guests after the show, providing mix and mingle entertainment and photo opportunities as well as encouraging people on to the dancefloor to really get your party swinging.

For a celebration with a s theme, what could be more perfect than a female dancer with the Olivia Newton John moves of Sandy in the movie Grease? Get down and funky with boogielicious s disco struts, or go Hammer style with a bit of s body popping! Fans of the 90s pop scene will not be able to resist ing in with Madonna-esque vogueing or the ultimate party dance, the Macarena.

For the urban hipsters among you, bring your party bang up to date with the latest hip hop and street dance moves. Whatever the theme, when you hire a female dancer, she will bring your favourite routines to life and lead the way to the dance floor in style. So kick up your heels and check out our versatile and multi-talented Female Dancer s.

Or you could go all out and hire an entire troop of female dancers to portray cheerleaders and make a real song and dance about your company! Are you looking for alternative entertainment for your hen do?

Need a dancer for a party

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