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Friends and family of Susan Sheppard who passed away April 19 shared fond memories of her life.

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Photo Provided. Susan Sheppard left behind a legacy that will not soon be forgotten.

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Her talents and impact not only reached people in the community, but people around the country. She is most known for creating the Haunted Tours of Parkersburg, a walking tour of the various spots in town with a colorful past.

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To Olivia Reeder, family friend of Sheppard, she created a culture for Halloween and the sometimes dark history of the Mid-Ohio Valley. Mother and daughter Susan and Scarlet Sheppard had a special relationship that Scarlet said she was lucky to have.

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Susan passed away this week. With her storytelling abilities, Sheppard brought paranormal and history buffs to Parkersburg from around the country and earned a spot among top ranked ghost tours in the country.

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Her storytelling abilities did not end with the tours. Sheppard had several published works including novels, poetry and nonfiction. Susan and her daughter Scarlet both have that gift with poetry.

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Susan Sheppard, creator of the Haunted Tour of Parkersburg, passed away this week. Her loved ones shared her impact on the community and mementos of her life. Sheppard not only impacted the community with her talents, she reached people on a personal, emotional level.

She was very funny and had a sarcastic wit about her.

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Paul Eno, editor at New River Press, and a paranormal adventurer who admits he was generally skeptical of psychics, mediums and ghost tours, said Sheppard helped change his view. Sheppard often taught others about astrology and was the astrologer for a popular magazine for about a year. Scarlet feels lucky to have had her as a mom and wishes she had more time with her, but she feels her mother lived her life to the fullest and enjoyed fulfilling her dreams of creating art. Although Susan had several illnesses throughout her life, family members said it was remarkable she accomplished as much as she did.

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Photo Provided Mother and daughter Susan and Scarlet Sheppard had a special relationship that Scarlet said she was lucky to have. Are you a paying subscriber to the newspaper?

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Parkersburg as friends

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