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The Woodstock 99 festival featured over 45 bands on four stages from July Riots, looting, fires, sexual violence, three deaths — these ended up being the hallmarks of a three-day music festival that was supposed to capture the peace, love and music of the original Woodstock. The culture had shifted. One for each day of the festival.

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Logistically, the festival was a doomed mess. By Saturday night, when Limp Bizkit took the stage for its infamous set — during which a rape reportedly happened in the mosh pit while people were crowd surfing on plywood — the festival had started its descent into chaos.

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The footage from the Sunday night fires, set, in grim irony, by candles intended for a vigil against gun violence, is end-times stuff. People look dazed and feral.

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The three-day event was available on Pay-Per-View and was covered extensively by both MuchMusic and MTV as well as other media, so the filmmakers had a trove of footage to work with. Those who watch the doc will see multiple women being groped on screen.

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For his part, festival co-founder John Scher still blames MTV for making the festival seem worse than it was, and victim-blamed women for taking their tops off. I was a year-old girl inso I know what it was like coming of age in that particular cultural nexus of Girls Gone Wildthe rise of nu metal, and a hatred of pop music that was rooted in misogyny.

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It was a violent, angry time. As with Columbine, the debate became whether or not a certain kind of music makes kids angry enough to do unspeakable things. We never ask the deeper, existential question: Why are so many young men in America, why are they so angry? And some people were there for the music and ended up paying the ultimate price — like year-old David DeRosia, who died of hyperthermia. The inclusion of his daily festival logs in the doc is heartbreaking.

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He just wanted to see his favourite band, Metallica. The Winnipeg Free Press invites you to share your opinion on this story in a letter to the editor. A selection of letters to the editor are published daily.

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Sex chats kwick Woodstock

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Terrifying doc dissects the disastrous Woodstock '99