Who wants to make a sex tape

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Sexual Health.

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I've been thinking a lot about how I feel about it I'm also self concious about how id look on the tape I was considering saying I would do it if I could hold onto it so I know what happens with it Share Facebook. Boyfriend wants to make a sextape. Add Opinion. I've made sex tapes and I think it is hot. However this was pre internet sex tape age like before everyone could instantly load stuff on to the internet. I wouldn't worry about the potential end consequences and if it is really that big of a deal you should make sure you hold on to the tape or camera to insure that it doesn't get out in public view It isn't especially romantic but it is binding and you could use it to prosecute him in the event that he did do something seedy with the tape.

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I think the fear of someone putting in on the internet shoudn't squash the desire to do so entirely just be careful and protect yourself as much as you can maybe the best bet is to if you can find one use an old film video camera. You are not married, you could have a terrible break-up and he 'releases' it on line, shows it to his friends, their friends and their friends' friends. Once it hits the web or a pay site or cloud, it is in the digital world for good. Now that is not always the truth. IF you are self conscious this is not the way to go in order to build it up.

Best of luck. Xper 7. My friend made a sex tape and it ended up online and she's been trying to get it off the internet for years until she got fed up and ah Let them watch me have sex.

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The point is if you don't want it to end up on the internet don't make a sextape because some exs can be mean and put your video on an ex girlfriend site to shame you this could prevent you from getting a good job who knows what else. Marrryyyyy opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. ImSoSozzled opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. If you don't want it to end up on the internet, I wouldn't don't do it. Do what you want but make sure it's worth it. Don't do it.

Plausible anonymity. Bad idea agreed.

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He's going to want a copy. Save yourself the worry and don't. MikeK Xper 3. I think you should do it. If you can't trust him with something like this, then you probably shouldn't be with him. Will you provide a link for us when it gets online?

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Who wants to make a sex tape

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