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This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected. Access to New York Times for Students. Issues in the News - International Collections of news articles on women's rights.

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UN Women: Home News articles on women and human rights. Recent articles on women's rights across the globe. Bold Women. Scandalized Viewers. Malala voices fear for women in Afghanistan.

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Taliban is pushing women back to the home. Iranian Women Allowed to Attend Soccer Game for First Time Since The few ticket holders expressed joy at finally being able to share in the passion for the national soccer team.

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October 10, So Why Are They Afraid? NY Times, March 17, NY Times, April 17, Despite Ban, Invasive Virginity Tests Remain Prevalent in Afghanistan Months after the president vowed to keep justice officials from ordering the examinations, found to be invalid, the tests are still traumatizing women.

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January 6, Issues in the News - United States Collections of news articles on women's rights. Recent articles on women's rights in the U. Running while Female The death of the runner Mollie Tibbetts has ignited a national conversation about the harassment and fears women face every time they go for a run. The Year Baby Window that is the Key to the Women's Pay Gap Women who have their first child before 25 or after 35 eventually close the salary divide with their husbands.

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For Women, it's Not Just the O'Reilly Problem Barriers for women include not only sexual harassment, but also persistent disparities in pay and promotion, as well as structural impediments — in child care, scheduling and other workplace policies. What is it? Who is it?

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Eleven female lawmakers, journalists and scholars weigh in. Links bring users to a detailed record and HTML full-text of the story. It offers overviews, future outlooks, opposing viewpoints and bibliographies on many topics, such as global warming, teenage suicide, etc. Also features many television and radio news transcripts. It helps students research, analyze and organize a broad variety of data for conducting research, completing writing asments, preparing for debates, creating presentations and more.

Statistics and In-depth Reports on Women UN Women: All publications Variety of free reports on the gender dimensions of human development and human rights issues.

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The Global Gender Gap Index is an index deed to measure gender equality. United Nations: Gender Statistics This website serves as a platform for the dissemination of developments in the field of gender statistics and promotes the inclusion of gender statistics into all fields of statistical activities at both the national and international levels.

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That means liberty from female genital mutilation, honor violence and forced marriages particularly in Muslim countries. The Everyday Sexism Project The project is a place to record stories of sexism faced on a daily basis, by ordinary women, in ordinary places. To show that sexism exists in abundance in the UK workplace and that it is very far from being a problem we no longer need to discuss. Feminist Blogs Feministing. Say it Sister!

Women looking for sex Kirkwood

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Women's Studies with Renee Schlueter